Zvizdic: Why is the Council of Ministers silent while the Fires are burning in Herzegovina?

The Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, called on all competent institutions in BiH to urgently engage and provide helicopters and fire extinguishers in Herzegovina.

“I remember that in previous years, at the request of the Ministry of Security, an emergency session of the Council of Ministers was held and Canadians from Croatia and Montenegro came and put out fires in BiH. Why is the Council of Ministers silent now? “Zvizdic asks.

He also raises the question of why eco-associations and all those who should care about the environment are so loudly heard.

“Is it possible that the government is dearer than human lives and the forest, which needs years and decades to grow again ?!”, he asks.

It should be noted that a request for convening an extraordinary session of the BiH Council of Ministers has already been sent through the Operations Center of the BiH Ministry of Security, which was confirmed by the Mayor of Jablanica Damir Sabanovic, whose municipality was affected by the fires.

However, due to the decision of RS politicians to boycott the work of state institutions, it is not to be expected that Zoran Tegeltija (SNSD) will convene a session of the BiH Council of Ministers and ask for international help, Klix.ba writes.

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