Zbanic: I am happy because People accepted the Film as their own

A lot of friends of the film, friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), worked together with us to be able to get into this position, which is absolutely incredible, as BiH director Jasmila Zbanic said after the 93rd Oscar ceremony.

The movie “Quo Vadis, Aida?” failed to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the ceremony that took place in Los Angeles on Sunday night, since that award went to film by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg.

Zbanic told that she was happy because people accepted the film as their own, and looked at it as a mutual success. Also, she added that it is impossible to thank everyone, but that the wave of good energy coming to them was easily felt.

In the production itself, as she emphasized, they had such obstacles that they managed to solve them only thanks to love and energy.

”The very position that we are nominated for these awards I think is also thanks to the many friends who have tried to bring the film to many members of the Academy. Our biggest issue at the beginning was that we did not have a distributor and that set us back in time, but a lot of friends worked with us, ” added Zbanic.

She mentioned that it is not possible to influence anyone to vote, but that their goal was for as many people as possible to watch this film. She told that people generally like simpler things more and that they do not have to bother, that is, that there were any such comments when they started production.

“However, it was important for us to make it and that it came to the position to be nominated,” Zbanic pointed out.

Apart from the Oscar nomination, “Quo Vadis, Aida?” has also won numerous awards at different international film festivals, BHRT writes.



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