Youth of B&H and Diaspora gathering in Visoko, Sarajevo and Mostar

savez dijaspoerCenter for Social Education of Young Peopleduring the period from 15th to 18th Augustwill organizethe activitiesofthe project Meetingsof youth of B&H and Diaspora”, aiming that through an interesting wayto strengthentiesof young people inB&Hwith the youth from Diaspora.

Meetingsof young people of B&H and Diasporaare designedas a combination oflearningthroughlectures of relevantlecturers andthrough workshops and socialization, throughfield trips,joint activitiesandworking together oncertainissues.
To young people will be organizedandinteractive lectureabout the traditions andcultural heritageof B&Hin a traditionalsetting.

Meetingswillbe held inSarajevo, Visokoand Mostar.

The intention of the Center forsocialeducation of young peopleisthat thisprojectto becomea traditional gatheringof young peoplefrom the Diasporawith young people inB&H, to jointly assistB&Hon the road toprosperity and to a better future.

Meetings are supported by the Ministryof Culture and Sports of FederationB&H and by the Mayor of Visoko AmraBabić, and everyday supportcomes also from otherstate structuresandpartnersfrom the economic sector, was announced from the Center forsocialeducation of young people.

(Source: Fena)

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