Young people in Tuzla rescuing Uncared Animals

boxes for puppies TuzlaPeople are trying to warm up their homes and themselves in various ways on this cold, and animals need extra care and attention during these cold and snowy days as well, especially those who are abandoned on the streets and do not have their “friends” who will help them survive.

Because of this alarming situation, a group of friends from Tuzla, Azra Hadzigrahic, Emina Zabic and Mirza Mustafagic decided to launch an unusual action to help these abandoned animals.

The three of them came up with the idea to make homes for animals of carton boxes coated with polystyrene foam.

They said that people of Tuzla donated food, some donated money, blankets or materials, and most of them helped in making these homes for animals.

“A large number of people responded to the action, which is why we are very pleased. On Sunday, when we were making homes, there were about twenty people and we made a total of 23 homes that we distributed throughout the city of Tuzla,” said Mirza Mustafagic, one of the organizers of this action.

“I hope that this action will echo all across the country and that many young people will follow our example because I believe that there are still good people out there,” he added.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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