Young People from B&H and the Region at Peace Camp on Igman

posao-mladiThe Association Progress is organizing from 21-26 August the 12th youth peace camp at the Olympic Mountain Igman, Malo Polje. 150 participants of the camp are coming from more than 20 cities throughout B&H and the region.

Through participation in the offered activities, young people will have the chance to make new friends, improve cooperation within their local communities, overcome prejudices and develop tolerance.

Youth organizations (informal groups and nonprofit organizations) that are already a part of informal youth networks this year, in addition to participation at the peace camp, are working on creating and classifying youth networks.

The main objective of the peace camp, which has a working-educational aspect, is to gather young people from the entire region and allow them to create common positive life experiences, and in this way to contribute to the reconciliation process that would contribute to the process of reconciliation and improve the position of youth, as well as all B&H citizens and in countries in the region.

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