Young People from BiH spoke about Art with prominent Theatre Directors

Young people from Foča, Goražde, Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Breza and Ilijaš had the opportunity to talk with prominent BiH theatre directors Dino Mustafić, Nermin Hamzagić and actor Ermin Bravo at an event on committed theatre hosted at the EU Delegation in Sarajevo on 12 March.

This was one in a series of talks organized by the EU Info Centre (EUIC) on the topic Committed Art today – a generator or a follower of changes”.

Welcoming the audience, Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, Head of EU Delegation to BiH and EU Special Representative in BiH, underlined the importance of culture and theatre.

“Theatre is important in the education of young people. The theatre can communicate emotions and sentiments that are difficult to communicate in the real world”, Ambassador Wigemark said and also commended BiH’s vibrant theatre scene.

More than 70 young people had the opportunity to hear how directors and actors, who work not only in BiH but are engaged throughout the region, see the role of theatre in the world today and in the creation of a “separate world”. Today’s theatre talks about current topics, it is a place where people get together, exchange views and it is a space for social dialogue.

“The engaged theatre means a theatre filled with a social energy and the desire of the author to change the world around him”, Dino Mustafić said, answering one of the questions from the audience.

When asked about reform in cultural institutions, director Nermin Hamzagić pointed to the ‘fallacy’ of appointing “politicians” to run cultural institutions. He encouraged young people in the audience to stay after the play and ask questions, talk to directors and actors and thus correct them and try not to undermine their own power they have as audience.

Ermin Bravo spoke about the challenges of acting, regional co-operation and actors involved in the process of reconciliation. He considers such cooperation as “the only possible and natural one”. In their plays in the region, they speak the same language – “literally and in the artistic sense”.

Also participating in the EUIC dialogue were young actors from the satirical theatre in Goražde. They presented their work and their play “The Last Unemployed”, which criticises and ask the questions.

(Source: europa)


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