The Young Man from Tuzla speaks 56 Languages!

muhamed-mesic“You need to find a way to efficiently learn the material and, if you are persistent, success is inevitable,” said Muhamed Mesic, who speaks 56 languages.

Muhamed Mesic (29), born in Tuzla, was the municipal councilor, lawyer, Hebraist, japanologist, adviser of Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov and winner of prestigious award Brainswork Make a Difference Award 2010 in Vienna.

From all of these titles, however, the most adequate is linguistic genius, as it was confirmed that he speaks 56 languages.

,, I had a great desire to get to know the world and not to need a translator. The powerful human will is a miracle – it is usually the one to ‘blame’ for our success. World looks different in other languages, while all these different thoughts in foreign languages have the ability to create a completely different picture than just one language. The perspective is different when you translate one word into several languages. The first live contact with a foreign language was Greek, when I was with my parents on vacation in Greece. Yes, that’s exactly what inspired me,” said Mesic.

Muhamed, in average, needs two to three weeks for basic communication and mastering the basics of a language. However, he added that, the more languages we speak, it is easier for us to learn other ones, because languages are quite linked, and many of them have similarities. Success in anything requires a lot of sacrifice and renunciation of a lot of things. Muhamed says that he has no time for private life and that it is not easy for the young man, but, nevertheless, he feels useful and happy.

,, I’ll be honest. I spend around 200 days per year on the plane. I am always traveling to various lectures, seminars, trainings … But I’m not complaining. I realized that you have to be a victim if you want to succeed and I really am one. Therefore, I advise everyone to sacrifice yourself if you want to live your own movie and to be yourself. It is important to have a goal and work to achieve the same, and the results will come anyway. Therefore, we should search for knowledge and appreciate it. In small countries such as ours, the Balkans, knowledge is the key strength,” said Mesic.

I heard many times by talking to my friends, acquaintances, colleagues at work and school, and young people in general, I heard them giving a variety of reasons for their failures, blaming the education system, lack of justice and real values, cruelty of capitalism etc. All this is true to some extent, but, nevertheless, if we want something, the fault is in ourselves. Muhamed is one of many examples that everything can be done when you want something – the only thing is, indeed, how much you want it.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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