Young Man returns to Srebrenica and starts a Farm

August 21, 2016 5:00 PM

pilićiVillage Grujičići is located 20 kilometers away from the center of Srebrenica. Just like all other villages of Srebrenica, Grujičići also suffered in the war, the population was persecuted, and the village was burnt and destroyed. However, the life has returned. Not as it used to be, but Bosniaks returned to their homes and rebuilt them. Furthermore, they do not only build houses, but they also start investing in projects.

One of the bright examples is the family Alić from Grujičić, which built a farm for chicken breeding with a capacity of 35.000 chicks with their own funds.

Amer Alić, Director of the company, said that he loves his native place and that his heart wants to be in Grujičići, which is the reason why he decided to build a farm there with his family. Amer’s father Nazif Alić, a local from Grujičići who currently lives in Ilijaš where he has a private company, financed the construction of the plant and access road in the length of three kilometers with his own funds.

“For starters, the capacity is 35.000 chicks and later, if the job thrives, we will build more. I intend to hire several people first, which will certainly be significant for this area, because that is a way to keep young people here and enable them to have families,” said Amer.

Placement is secured and contract signed with the company Brovis. They will purchase all products of this farm.

Project of the construction of chicken farms at the territory of the Srebrenica Municipality turned out to be very successful. Amer believes that Srebrenica has the potential for development of business.

“We invested 900.000 BAM in this project. I would like to tell the diaspora to launch business in Srebrenica because there are people who want to work and in this way they can help our town. One workplace means a lot for Srebrenica,” Alić said.



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