Young Man comes up with a Way to attract Tourists to BiH

robert-travelingRobert Dacešin is a traveler, polyglot, tennis player and a creative person whose life has been entirely changed by traveling.

Thanks to traveling, Robert enriched his life, met new cultures, traditions, and new regions, acquired many friends, learned five languages, and used that experience to improve life in his hometown.

So far, Robert traveled to 36 countries, mostly European, but he also visited Morocco, Qatar, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, and Canada. He visited some of those countries in the capacity of a tennis referee, but many of his travels have nothing to do with this sport. He does not spend much money on traveling because he uses low-cost flights and accommodation with friends or via couchsurfing (online tool for finding cheap or free accommodation in houses of strangers).

“Traveling makes me happy and I think that is the reason why I have enough energy to do many things. Whenever I feel like I am in a crisis, I go somewhere, charge my batteries, and come back home full of energy and will to do something,” says Robert and adds that love for traveling was born in 2004. That is when he went on his first trip to Turkey with his parents, who raised him to believe that traveling is something very precious.

Second turning point was in 2010, when he started hosting people in his apartment through couchsurfing. He used to listen to stories of ordinary people like him who had such adventures, and they would tell him “you can travel like this, too, what prevents you’. Since then, he started feeling a strong desire to meet new cities and new people.

That is how he became a passionate traveler. This love brought him another one – love for foreign languages, he learned five languages independently – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Slovakian, and he did not spend any money on courses.

In this way, Robert opened himself many business opportunities, met lovely people, great cultures and traditions, and some of the best friends he has now.

In order to share his experiences with others and show them that traveling does not necessarily cost a lot of money, last year Robert launched the website “Rio Travel Stories”, which now has more than 10.000 followers on Facebook.

With the aim to tell more about his hometown Banja Luka to tourists, in an interesting and educational way Robert also designed “Travel mapping”, a unique tourist product that offers tourists to meet Banja Luka through adventure, game, and riddle solving.

The map consists of two parts. First part is a souvenir with drawings of the most important locations, and attention is also paid to legends about Banja Luka. Robert intends to make such a tour guide for Sarajevo and Mostar as well, and he is currently working on designing such tour guide for one city in Poland.

Aware of the fact that tourism in Banja Luka almost does not exist, Robert recently wrote an amazing text “22 ways in which I would improve tourism in Banja Luka”. The text caused many positive reactions and was a top subject on social networks, but the city officials did not react. However, many people supported Robert and expressed their wishes to be a part of the implementation of some of the ideas that Robert will try to implement this year, to show everyone that there are things that can be done without money.


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