Young Girl from Banja Luka managed to do what nobody else did in the last 43 Years

Jelica Rastoka (22), a young girl from Banja Luka who graduated economics last week, entered the history of the 43 years old Faculty of Economics at the University of Banja Luka.

She graduated four months before the deadline with all A’s (grade 10) in her index, without cancellation of any other grades. Since the establishment of this faculty, only two other students who attended this faculty several decades ago managed to achieve the same.

“My biggest dream is to make a scientific contribution, to discover something that no one has discovered before,” she says and added that she is planning to deal with the analysis of entrepreneurship from the aspect of sustainability and self-sustainability because multiplier effects of entrepreneurship and self-employment are incredible.

She wrote scientific and professional papers during her studies, and she was particularly proud of the work that she wrote with one of her colleagues, and which won a silver medal at the Tambov University in Russia in the category of the economics of the future, despite the fact that their competition were professors. She also participated in numerous conferences where she was often the only student, as well as numerous projects including “EU for You” that was held in the organization of the Office of the Special Representative of EU in BiH, where she won the first place together with her colleagues with their campaign “Self up” .

She is planning to stay in BiH and she noted that it would not be a good offer for her to go abroad because she is a patriot and loves our culture, the way of life here and the free time that we have. She often stayed abroad, but a semester on a student exchange program in Vienna gave her the opportunity to experience the real life abroad.

Only two days after graduation, this young girl was collecting the documentation for enrolling the master’s program at the Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka, while she will be considering faculties abroad for the continuation of her education, in which the fact that she speaks five languages, including English, German, Spanish, French and Russian language, will help her a lot.

“I do not believe in destiny, I think that people create their own life and they will have as much as they invest, and I do not refer to finances, but how much effort and work you invest,” she concluded.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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