Young Bosnian-Herzegovinian Karatists won 36 Medals!


Young Bosnian and Herzegovinian karatists achieved great results at the 20th Balkan Championships for cadets, and juniors – U21, held in Brezice in Slovenia.

In a competition of seven Balkan countries and 652 competitors, the Bosnian selections won 36 medals in total, 12 of which were gold, nine silver and 15 bronze.

The Secretary-General of the Karate Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ramiz Potur said at a press conference that 158 competitors from BiH participated. “Outstanding results were achieved in very strong competition. We recorded a historic success by placing first in the overall ranking,”Potur said. The Vice President of the Karate Sports Federation in BiH Assembly, Mirsad Sipovic, congratulated the young players and their coaches and clubs on their brilliant success.

“I especially congratulate the competitors, who have put great effort and knowledge to achieve such results, then their coaches, clubs, parents, as well as KSFiH representatives, management,” said Sipovic. In the final standings, Bosnia and Herzegovina took a convincing first place ahead of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Romania and Cyprus, Federal News Agency reports.

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