Worth almost 300,000 BAM: A Tesla Model S imported to BiH

Two million and three hundred thousand BAM was payed for 10 super luxury cars imported into Bosnia and Herzegovina in the first six months of this years, the most expensive of them being the Tesla Model S, which costs more than 294,000 BAM.

The second most valuable car which was imported into BiH was the Mercedes-benz S 500 4matic, which cost more than 280,000 BAM and the third most valuable car was the Porsche Panamera T, which cost more than 242,000 BAM, according to the Administration for Indirect Taxation.

In the first half year, more than 3 million BAM of jewels and other precious metals was imported.

114,035 BAM of jewelry objects and filigree or their parts was imported and 906,431 BAM of other precious metals was imported.



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