World Economic Forum: B&H has the Best Mathematicians in Balkans

matematika-rjesavanje-zadatakAccording to the latest Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2013-2014 which focuses on the quality of teaching in mathematics and natural sciences in schools, the best positioned among Balkan countries is B&H.

Bosnia and Herzegovina at the WEF list for the ​​quality of teaching in mathematics and natural sciences, or quality mathematicians and scientists, is on the 13th place out of 148 countries, so is qualified in the top world list in this area.

From countries of the region after B&H comes Croatia, which is on the 22nd place in the field of quality education in mathematics and science, and on the 23rd place of  WEF list is Montenegro. Macedonians are on 51st place, Albanians on the 54th, while Serbia is on 55th place.

(Source: Dnevni avaz)

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