Works started on “Grad sunca” in Trebinje worth 20 Million EUR

Project Grad Sunca Trebinje akta.baConstruction workers in Herzegovina have no rest. With joint forces, they are fighting with 800,000 square meters of forest where a real, small city should arise by the summer next year.

“We are doing preparatory works, including making roads, leveling of terrain, planning. We are taking advantage of nice weather to do as much as we can”, said Rade Kisin from “Herc gradnja”.

“Now there are four or five companies engaged in this part of the job. In order to keep up with the dynamics of the job, we will certainly engage all available potentials in the mechanization of Herzegovina”, said the owner of the concern “Swisslion” Takovo, Rodoljub Drašković.

A combination of wood and stone – that is Drašković’s idea for the construction of tourist capacities, but several renowned architects from the region will provide their judgments in spring. Some of them have already visited the site and are ready to start working.

“The area where I am standing now was covered in thick forest until a month ago. As you can see, now everything is cleared and leveled, and main works will begin at this site in spring – the construction of an aqua park and an indoor Olympic pool”, Drašković said.

Drašković allocated 20,000 million EUR for this year and the construction works on “Grad sunca”. However, in case more money is needed, Drašković will invest more, since the job must go according to the plan.


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