Woman from BiH is the Only Car Mechanic in Eupen in Belgium

It is unlikely that you will find a female car mechanic to repair your car. It is hard to even find a woman dealing with that profession. But this could be changed in the future since more and more girls are looking for the so-called male profession.

One of them is Anela-Dzenana Merdanovic. This high school student in Eupen, Belgium, who is originally from Cazin, won the first prize for final exams at the state level.

This girl, who is already special because she has two names thanks to parents who could not decide on one and thus gave her two, also has a special love that is quite rare among women. Anela-Dzenana decided to study electro-mechanics, at the Department of Electronics, and thus she became the only girl in the region who is dealing with that craft.

At the end of the school, she decided to do her graduation thesis on the topic of making the house with voice commands.

Voice commands refer to commands for regulating following home components: lighting, heat regulation, playing music, etc. After she passed her exams, she found out that her work won the first place in Belgium. The award will be handed over by the former Belgian queen, Paola Ruffo di Calabria.

Anela-Dzenana is currently attending a practice for further education in a mechanic workshop that is open to all types of cars but specialized in American cars and BMW.

She says that she is very happy and enjoys her profession and that the work in a mechanic workshop is something that fulfills her.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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