New Windows 8.1 in the New Year

novi_windowsMicrosoft and Nokia organized today in Sarajevo, Ljubljana and Zagreb the farewell Windows xP, titled “Thanks for the eXPerience”.

This farewell event of the once revolutionary XP that appeared in 2001 in Sarajevo is being held at the premises of the Holiday Market Sarajevo.

Directors of the Microsoft for B&H Lejla Zukić-Krivdić, Robert Trnovec from Slovenia and Ivan Vidaković from Croatia said goodbye to this old friend through Skype.

Also, this was the chance to introduce the most contemporary operative system Windows 8.1 and devices that are based on this system.

According to the representative for technical support of Microsoft for B&H Enis Šahinović, Windows 8.1 is designed for modern computing devices, such as devices with touch screens.

He highlighted that the new Windows offers integration of smart Bing search.

Also, a new smart phone Nokia Lumia 1520 was introduced, which was created as a result of a successful cooperation between Microsoft and Nokia. This phone with a large screen will be available from tomorrow for buyers.

Stand-up comedians from Sarajevo, Zagreb and Ljubljana Filip Adronik, Ivana Šarić i Tina Vodopivec participated at the farewell event of Windows XP and welcomed Windows 8.1.

(Source: Fena)

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