With Help of Good People from BiH, Emir Buza finally Cured!

Emir Buza, a boy from Visoko, who has been suffering from rare forms of lymph cancer, has been cured, was confirmed on Facebook page by his father.

Emir was cured in Turkey where he traveled thanks to the donations that the Bosnians and Herzegovinians gathered.

“We want to congratulate New Year to everyone. A lot of health, love, and happiness, and today’s date will remain deeply engraved in our life – January 2nd, 2019. This morning, we received the happiest news, and our doctors confirmed that our Emir was successfully cured! There is nothing similar to compare the amount of our happiness, joy, tears… Thank God for giving us the strength to overcome this temptation. Thank God for giving us this number of friends. Thank you army of good people and true friends ” , was written on the Facebook profile of Almir Buza.


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