Wine Weekend Starts: Sarajevo Hosts the Greatest Names of the Wine Industry

wineThe company Fine Wines organizes the Festival ”Wine Weekend”, on 25th and 26th October  in Sarajevo, starting at 16:30.

Vienna Café Hotel Europe will host more than 40 winemakers and renowned gourmet products from B&H and the region.

The organizers of the Festival welcome all those who desire that the culture of wine drinking to step up to a level where it belongs.

“Our mission is to elevate the art of drinking wine and enjoying the food at the level that this culture deserves. The festival is an excellent opportunity to educate visitors about the culture of drinking wine, and through presentations of experts to introduce the technique and science of wine making. This year at the festival will participate famous names of this field, so we will have the opportunity in one place to meet producers and to taste their products” stated the Director of Fine Wines, Amir Beširević.

Also, the gastro corner is planned at the festival, where the local producers will have the opportunity to present their specialties.



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