Wind Farm worth 120 Million BAM to be built in Bihac soon?

The Government of the Una-Sana Canton (USC) issued a decision on granting a concession for the construction of a wind farm in the area of Bihac and the concession was awarded to Ivicom Consulting from Croatia’s capital Zagreb.

“Among the many problems with which this relatively new cantonal government is facing is a three-year old problem of granting a concession for building a wind farm in the area of Bihac. The concession was awarded to the Zagreb company ‘Ivicom Consulting’, an investment of about 120 million BAM. I am glad we have managed to start in the realization of this significant project, given that it is the largest investment in the area of our canton,” Prime Minister Mustafa Ruzic stated.

It was emphasized that it will be insisted on the previous signing of the agreement which legally and financially protects the Canton when it comes to the circumstance of possible abolition or annulation of the final concession award by the competent courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The concession for the use of construction land has been granted for research, design, construction, equipping, use and maintenance of wind power plants in the Bihac area, in Teocak “, explained the president of the Concession Commission Sefik Stulanovic.

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