Will Trnovo get its “Buroj Ozone“?

Buroj Ozone TrnovoThe realization of one of the biggest projects in the region “Buroj Ozone“, worth around 4.5 billion BAM is more and more certain, as confirmed by the Mayor of the Municipality of Trnovo, Ibro Berilo.

He said that a series of activities were realized since the protocol on cooperation was signed with the director of the company Buroj Property Development in February.

The decision on determining the public interest, decision on the exclusion of the forest land and the decision on making on the urbanistic plan were made and the contract for the purchase of land was signed.

“Our commitments that we have signed in the protocol are mainly  finished“, said Berilo adding that, in the meantime, he had meetings with the Prime Minister of the FB&H, Canton Sarajevo and responsible ministries.

Berilo announced that he will visit Dubai in June, on the proposal of the owner of Buroj Property Development, where he will seriously talk about the beginning of the construction and signing of agreement in which Canton Sarajevo and B&H should be involved.

If it comes to the realization of this project, the first man of Trnovo claims that the complete economic image of the country, not only of the municipality Trnovo, will be improved.

The project entails a large number of free workplaces, i.e. around 4.000, thus, besides unemployed persons in Trnovo, all others who want to work will be able to get the job.

A meeting of the Vice-president of RS, Ramiz Salkic, with Ismail Ahmed bin Sultan, General Manager of the company Buroj Property Development in April in Dubai, talks a lot about the seriousness of the investor.


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