What will be more expensive in 2017?

prices-increaseAs the year 2016 approaches the end, the new year is preparing the ground for new increases in prices, which is already a tradition. During the entire year, citizens are facing gradual growth of prices, claims the consumers’ association.

When the Regulatory Commission for Energy in FBiH (FERK) approved the increase in prices of electrical energy on November 23, it was just the beginning.

At a session held on November 23, the FERK approved the increase in prices of electricity for consumers of Elektroprivreda HZ HB, and prices will increase by 1.45 percent for households and reduce by 3.04 percent in the category ‘other consumption’. Prices of Elektroprivreda BiH will not change.

Regulatory Agency for Communications (RAK) signed consent for price lists in landline telephony.

This decision, as well as the decision on increase in the prices of electricity, will become effective on January 1. Operators have already updated their pricelists and submitted them to RAK for approval.

After conducting an analysis, the Agency gave consent for changes in pricelists of Telekom Srpske Banja Luka, BH Telecom JSC Sarajevo, and Hrvatske telekomunikacije JSC Mostar, which will all become effective on January 1, 2017.

Changes refer to the introduction of a unique price of calls towards landline networks in BiH and the defining of prices towards other mobile networks in BiH. Prices of calls towards landline networks in BiH range from 0.04 BAM per minute to 0.048 BAM per minute and are lower than the border price defined with the Rule 67/2012 which amounts to 0.052 BAM per minute.

Amendments to the Law on Security in Traffic in BiH, proposed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of BiH, introduce a novelty which should be generally beneficial for the health of all citizens and for the environment of BiH. Moreover, they introduce stricter penalties for reckless drivers.

The plan is to introduce higher prices of registration for older vehicles which pollute the environment more and which are ecologically unacceptable. At this moment, it cannot be said what the difference will be in the price of registration for vehicles that pollute the air more or less, but it was said that the difference will certainly stimulate the citizens.

As of January 2017, the Rulebook on the testing of exhaust gases of motor vehicles (eco test) will be applied at the territory of FBiH in technical examination stations. The Rulebook was prescribed by the Federal Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

According to this Rulebook, eco test becomes a mandatory part of technical examination during annual vehicle registration, and it prescribes in detail which vehicle categories are subject to eco test, who conducts the testing and in which way, which are the border values that everyone has to satisfy, what the procedure is for vehicles that fail to satisfy the test, and the price which the citizens will pay.

With the introduction of eco test, registration of vehicles in FBiH will cost around 30 BAM more on annual level.


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