Will Dzeko break his Eight Years Old Record?

edin_dzeko_asromaWith the hat-trick in the match of the European League against Villarreal, Edin Dzeko continued his great goal getter series of the current season.

Member of BH national team is the best way to break a personal record for the highest number of goals scored for a club in a single season.

During his career, Dzeko was the most effective in the season 2008-2009, when he was wearing a jersey of Wolfsburg, and he shook the net 36 times in 42 performances.

Then “BH Diamond” scored 26 goals in the Bundesliga, six in the Cup of Germany and four goals in what was then UEFA Cup while being one of the most responsible ones for the title of Wolfsburg.

This season, Dzeko scored 28 goals in 34 matches for Roma, in which he led the attack. He scored 18 goals in Serie A, two goals in the Italian Cup, and eight goals in the European league.

Since Roma is struggling on the three fronts, it seems that member of BH national team will break a personal record at the end of the season.


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