Will Citizens of BiH be able to travel without Covid Passport?

With warmer weather, but also a slight easing of epidemiological measures, there is more and more thinking about travel. While the announced introduction of Covid passports has not yet received the full support of countries in the European Union, in our country, immunization certificates that can be used to enter certain countries will be issued by the entity ministries of health.

Alen Seranic, Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska: “Initiatives determined by the European Commission, which have just said that third countries will be allowed to enter the system, so to speak, which will be tied to travel and movement permits, is something that will definitely have to go in cooperation with them. While they are sending us certain information on that issue, we will certainly go to the realization, “said Seranic.

Vjekoslav Mandic, Minister of Health of Federation of BiH “It is so bombastically announced that they will not travel. Here and now you are traveling with some vaccination certificate, an opportunity will be found. So I don’t believe that anyone will ban the trip, “Mandic said.

Tourism workers say the Covid passport is the majority initiative of airlines to make the system easier to track passenger movements. As before, the Covid Passport Initiative encounters obstacles. Adnan Kaljanac, director of the Travel Agency “There is really resistance, especially in big centers. Even the World Tourism Organization with its center in Madrid did not give a positive answer for that “, pointed out Kaljanac.

One of the countries that is open for entry to BiH citizens is Turkey, and since April 14, without a PCR test.

The plan is for the trips to Turkey to be realized this summer from Tuzla International Airport. Lines to Eidnhoven, Cologne and Berlin have also been returned. The plan is to introduce additional lines in the summer.

“An additional five lines were announced to start at this moment. However, unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, their onset has been delayed. So, five additional destinations for Vienna, Billund, Friedrichshafen and Baden Baden, Vaxjo “, Edina Sisic, Head of the Traffic Sector at Tuzla International Airport said.

Due to the current situation with coronavirus and various measures in countries around the world, passengers are advised to first consult with embassies and consulates to know exactly what documents to take with them in order to be able to board their flight.

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