How will BiH react if the EU abolishes Summer and Winter Time Calculation?

February 9, 2018 2:45 PM

“Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will follow the European Union (EU) with regard to the abolition of summer and winter time calculation,“ Minister for Civil Affairs of BiH, Adil Osmanovic said.

The European Parliament has decided to abolish the summer and winter time calculation, and to make this decision more legitimate, the European Commission must confirm it.

“When we made a decision on the use of summer and winter time calculation, we did it in accordance with the European practice and EU directives. When the European Commission makes a final decision on this, we will also start an initiative to abolish summer and winter time calculation. This needs to be done for several reasons, such as aligning the airplanes schedule, transport schedule, business operations etc, “ Osmanovic said.

According to the director of the Institute for Metrology of BiH, Zijad Dzemic, the decision on the abolition of summer and winter time calculation should be made by the Parliament of BiH, as part of the amendment of the Time Law.

“I assume that, if the EU practice is followed, we will use current, i.e. the winter time calculation, when the noon is at 12 pm and not at 1 pm. However, it should be known that there are three time zones in the EU, 0, +1 and +2, so it is necessary to make a decision about choosing the time zone to which we will be inclined, “ Dzemic added.

The so-called Central European Time is currently used in BiH, i.e. we belong to the +1 time zone in relation to the time calculation for the Prime Meridian.




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