Wildfires near Tomislavgrad threaten Houses

The fire near Tomislavgrad continues to threaten property and family homes despite the interventions from Croatia.

The situation is critical around Drmic stables where fire threatens family houses, and a big problem for firefighters is the wind as well as inaccessible and impassable terrain.

“With the arrival of the two planes from Croatia, most of the fire front was extinguished, while all forces will remain in that part overnight because the wind changes direction and there is a danger of re-ignition in already extinguished parts of the terrain,” said the Tomislavgrad Professional Fire Brigade.

The fire, over 25 kilometers long, in which dry grass, low vegetation and forests are burning, also affected the old uninhabited houses in the settlements of Cobanovici and Dobrici.

The commander of PVP Tomislavgrad, Mate Jurčević, said that the teams would be on duty in the field all night, and that they would take new extinguishing measures tomorrow.
Numerous locals joined the firefighting, as well as firefighters from Livno, Posusje and Kupres, Fena news agency reports.

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