Why Every Bosnian should visit Trebinje at least once in their Life?

Trebinje is the city of sun, wine, and sycamores; it is the city of Srdjan Aleksić – the city in stone.

This unique city is located in south Herzegovina on the shores of the Trebišnjica River under the Leotar Mountain.

The center of the city is built using a Mediterranean architectural style, and it is dominated by old Austrian buildings and giant sycamores, providing shade that is enjoyed by many tourists during day. In the heart of the city on Dučićeva Street, you can see: a monument representing the poet and ambassador of Trebinje, Jovan Dučić; a Catholic cathedral from the XIX century; the first monument to Njegoš; as well as a bazaar with a monument from World War I. There is also a beautiful park with an Orthodox Church, a Cultural Centre, a monument from the Second World War, and several city fountains.

The famous Osmanpasha’s Mosque sits right in the center of the Old Town.

On the Trebišnjica River, which used to be the largest underground stream in Europe, there are three bridges which connect the left and right side of the city. Historically, the most important of the three was the Arslanagića/Perovića Bridge, which, according to legend, was built by Mehmed Pasha Sokolović back in 1574, who led a major trade route through the bridge. With the start of the construction of a hydro power plant on Trebišnjica, the bridge was moved from the original site during the 60’s to the Gradina settlement where it is still located today. Besides the Arslanagića Bridge, Trebinje also has other several well-known bridges such as the Stone Bridge and the bridge of Ivo Andrić.

The almost inaccessible Austro-Hungarian forts rise up in the hills above Trebinje. Today, these forts are silent witnesses to the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s influence in the region. The most important fortress, Strač, is famous for its progressive architectural solutions provided by advanced Austro-Hungarian architects.

On the Crkvina Hill lies a shining pearl representing the wondrous tourist offer of Trebinje, the magnificent complex of the Hercegovanian Gračanica monastery. Every summer, an estimated 100,000 tourists visit the temple that houses a gallery of icons, the bishop’s residence, and the amphitheater. At this magnificent site, you can take photos with a panorama of the city in the background, or refresh yourself in the summer garden during the warm summer months.



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