Why the whole World talks about Our Dragon Dalibor Đumić?

dalibor-djumicThe story of Dalibor Đumić from Bihać went all around the entire region, but also the world.

Student of the final year of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the International Burch University and the student of generation at the PI Electrical and Wood Processing Secondary School in Bihać has designed software that starts wheelchair with a wink.

He is in contact with various people who are willing to invest in his project, and he believes that it might be on the market very soon.

“I must say that my project is not an invention or innovation but scientists from prestigious universities and some companies that are involved in the automotive industry work on this project. My great desire was to make my project easy and financially accessible since sensors for scanning of brain activity are very expensive and I decided to make a project that would distinguish them from the existing ones in terms of simplicity, the method of use and monetary value, which I eventually managed to realize.

In the beginning, I started working on a project with Prof. Dr. Jasmin Kevric, and later with Dr. Sci. Almir Badnjević who gave me full support in this project,” says Đurić.

Dalibor is a member of the world organization IEEE and a member of the Microsoft Student Partner Program, and he likes to perform electronic experiments in his free time.

“I am a person with impaired hearing, and the average damage amounts to 92 % and I am wearing hearing aids in both ears from the fifth year of my life. I believe that my disability represents kind of advantage because thanks to that I managed to achieve some things that I would not normally achieve.

I always wish to draw attention to people with disabilities and that their rights should be equal with rights of people without disabilities, except that people with disabilities should get significantly facilitated access to education, thus help in their daily lives,” said Dalibor.

The diversity of people is something beautiful and that is why we have to take all the people around us for what they actually are, with all their faults and virtues.

“We are all different from one another, we are all unique and perfect for ourselves, we are just as we should be, but we are primarily meant to be different. So let’s accept others around us because we can discover many interesting things through them that we could not discover alone, and precisely because of our diversity “, said Dalibor Đumić.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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