While the Delta Strain is spreading, there is still no mass Immunization in BiH

Dozens of oncology patients in Canton Sarajevo (CS), who came for vaccination and revaccination on Friday after receiving the invitation, were returned home because there were not enough vaccines. They will be vaccinated next week. While an increasing number of citizens in Tuzla Canton (TC) are giving up vaccination, epidemiologists warn that the delta strain has already begun to spread in our country. Mass vaccination is still only in the announcements of the authorities.

The revaccination of the population in the CS, more precisely 1.800 citizens, was continued.

But, on Friday, dozens of oncology patients who came after the call for vaccination were returned home since there was not a sufficient number of Pfizer vaccines. The problem arose due to a misunderstanding in communication between the Institute of Public Health and the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS), explained the vaccination coordinator.

At the same time, in TC there is a different problem, citizens are increasingly giving up vaccination with AstraZeneca.

There is no reason for citizens to doubt the effectiveness of this vaccine, confirmed the line minister. It is important to note that a total of 19.560 doses of vaccines have arrived in TC so far and that 43 percent of health workers have been vaccinated with this vaccine.

As of next week, mass vaccination in Republika Srpska (RS) was announced by the relevant minister.

The second dose of the Sputnik V vaccine, which was denied to citizens in RS, will arrive by the end of July, claims the head of the RS Representation in Moscow, Dusko Perovic. As the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) awaits vaccines and mass immunizations, epidemiologists warn that the delta strain will prevail in August, BHRT writes.


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