Which Monuments were recently proclaimed as National Monuments?

The 20th Session of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments took place on April 26, 2018.

Chairman of the Commission, Radoje Vidovic and members Prof. Dr. Amir Pasic and Goran Milojevic decided on the proclamation of the following monuments as the national monuments of BiH:

  • Historic building – Railway station with square in Sarajevo, the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo;
  • Historic building – the Building of Canton and the Municipality of Centar in Sarajevo (Third Building of the Central Government), the Municipality of Centar; and
  • The architectural ensemble – the Church of the Relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker with the Orthodox cemetery in Grmljani, Trebinje.

The members of the Commission made a decision at a recent session to include two goods on the List of Endangered Monuments of BiH:

  • Church of St. Archangel Michael with a necropolis of stecak tombstones in Arandjelov, the City of Trebinje – which was endangered by a large amount of capillary moist that caused damages on the construction of the building and frescoes;
  • The Bridge on the Visevski stream in Dolovi, the Municipality of Rudo – which is endangered by severe damage to its structure, vegetation and disabled access to the bridge itself.

The Commission decided to extend the protection regime for the necropolis with stecak tombstones at the locality of Nagora, settlement Ostrozac, Jablanica, and adopted the decision according to which the church in Vrsani, the City of Tuzla, did not meet the criteria for proclamation as a national monument of BiH.







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