Which Cycling Trails will be constructed in the Upcoming Period?

Although there has been a growing awareness of the use of bicycle as a desirable, healthier, and cheaper way of transportation in the capital city of BiH in recent years, people of Sarajevo are still facing some problems.

The first part of the cycling trail in the Municipality of Centar, from Sutjeska Street to the entrance to the complex Zetra in a total length of 841 meters, was officially handed over to citizens for use, and the Municipality allocated almost 300,000 BAM for the realization of this phase of the project.

They recalled that employees of the construction company “Grakop” from Kiseljak started with works on the realization of the second phase of the construction of a cycling trail between Alipasina Street and the city park on Jezero.

From the Municipality of Ilidza noted that they realized the first phase of construction on the section from the Healthcare Center Ilidza, Butmirska Road to Hrasnicka Road in the length of 4,300 meters.

They announced that they are planning to invest additional 300,000 BAM in order to connect the already-constructed cycling trail with the center of Ilidza, the roundabout, to the intersection with Energoinvest.

From the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo noted that there is marked cycling trail at the locality of Dariva – Aleja ambasadora to Kozija Cuprija, in a total length of 2,300 meters, and that it is regularly used.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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