When will the Bridge on Sava River be connected?

The story of the building of a bridge on the Sava River near Svilaj, which should link the Croatian highway with Corridor 5c through BiH, is almost eight years old.

In the coming days, the bridge had to be connected, but now, due to the forecast, this might not happen.

“The forecast for the water level of the Sava River is unfavorable and jeopardizes the possibility of connecting the bridge in the next few days,” the Ministry of Communication and Transport of BiH confirmed for Patria news agency.

After the third tender procedure, and the millions that BiH had to pay, because, after the end of the tender, it did not take the Austrian company “Strabag” and put it into operation in September 2016 when a stone foundation for the Svilaj bridge was laid.

The bridge construction contract was signed in mid-July 2016, and the completion of works is planned for May 28, 2019.

“There are ten meters in the middle left to connect the bridge. We will have a meeting with the Croatian side on February 6th, and at the end of this, or the beginning of the next week, we will be expecting a bridge to connect,” said Igor Pejic, the secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Traffic said.




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