When will new Quantities of Clexane Medicine arrive in Bosnia?

The medicine Clexane, which is used in the therapy of patients with Covid-19, should arrive today or tomorrow in the Sarajevo Canton. This was announced by the Minister of Health Haris Vranic. The Minister was not available today for information on whether the announced larger quantity of this medicine has arrived, for which there is a shortage both in our country and in the world.

The new shipment of Clexa, which is to arrive from Hungary, would ensure a satisfactory supply in the Sarajevo Canton. The minister said that according to the promise of the director of Sanofi, the company that will deliver the medicine, Clexane will be in BiH by tomorrow. However, there is no official confirmation yet.

“Now there should be a shipment from Hungary, a big shipment with Clexane, so that in the coming period Canton Sarajevo and those who are treated at home will have access to this medicine “, pointed out the Minister of Health of Sarajevo Canton Haris Vranic.

So far, a certain amount of Clexane has already arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has already been distributed. 11,000 doses were delivered to Pharmacies Sarajevo, and 11,000 to the University Clinical Center Sarajevo.

“What we have at our disposal is that the company Sanofi, which produces the mentioned medicine in accordance with the demands of the market, is not able to provide 100 percent of the requested quantity, given the great demand for the medicine on a global level. What we can confirm is that the supply of both health centers and by us and our pharmacies is continuous “, said Lejla Spaho from the Public Institution Pharmacy Sarajevo.

The system may react too slowly in an unforeseen situation caused by a pandemic, because pharmaceutical manufacturers have reserved production capacities based on regular consumption, so it is now difficult to meet the greater needs in our country and in the world.

“In our country, the situation caught us, so as I would say, pharmaceutical manufacturers are also trying to compensate for the situation with the supply, but on the other hand we have a situation that these drugs are not registered for use in these indications, or indication COVID 19 and is also a matter of system. Is it possible on the basis of the so-called intervention system to solve this situation and enable the smooth import of medicines in BiH, “said the General Manager of the pharmaceutical company” Roche “Dr. Adnan Filipovic.

The General Hospital in Sarajevo is a positive example of the supply of necessary drugs in anticoagulant therapy. They say that if a drug disappears, they have a replacement.

“There is no shortage for now. We have done everything since we hear the news that it is in the city that there are problems with anticoagulant therapy. We did our best, that is, our management made an effort to procure these drugs. And if one accidentally disappears, we have adequate soil in an adequate dose and exactly the same medicine can be found, ”said Dr. Ednan Drljevic.

In accordance with the noble profession they perform, the medics say that they do, and will continue to do everything necessary, in order to protect and treat the citizens.

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