What was concluded at the Foreign Affairs Council regarding BiH?

We often focus on conflicts and crises. Let me say that this [Central Asia] is a point on our agenda that is bringing us good results, with a positive agenda, with a demand for more cooperation with the European Union, with steps that are being taken in Central Asia in the right direction in all different fields. And so we discussed with the Ministers today the strengthening of our cooperation with this region that is very important. And the work will continue in full unity and with full determination to strengthen ties with the Central Asian countries bilaterally and together as a region, and also to encourage the further strengthening of regional cooperation among them, HR Federica Mogherini started off.

“We also had a point on Bosnia and Herzegovina where the three main messages shared by the Ministers today were: first, an invitation or an appeal for the formation of governments as soon as possible – now that the electoral results have been made official; second, to focus 100% on the reform agenda – which is what the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and especially the younger ones expect to see – that is also linked to the European Union perspective of the country, next months will be crucial in this respect; and third, to focus on the electoral law reform and addressing the concerns about that,” Mogherini added.

There is an overall agreement among all Ministers on the fact that they need to keep very intense work with all the political leaders in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the international community will come back not only to Bosnia and Herzegovina but to the entire region of the Western Balkans at the Foreign Affairs Council in December.





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