What kind of Message to BiH was sent by the US Congressman?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not adequately prepared for general elections this fall and it is facing political crisis that could spread to region, said a member of the US Congress Dana Rohrabacher.

“BiH is approaching elections without the election law,” said congressman, who chaired hearing in the Subcommittee for Europe, Eurasia at the House of Representatives that was ended in Washington.

According to him, that represents a potential for political crisis.

“Current sets of ethnocentric political parties and elite are unfortunately incompetent and haven’t had the will to find a solution for well-being of their country and its citizens,” said Rohrabacher.

Rohrabacher also mentioned fundamental compromise that was reached in Dayton, which balanced the need for protection of national interests in relation to development of democratic institutions and preservation of territorial integrity.

“It is about time not only for stability, but for political reform that will allow BiH to have functional government that fulfils basic democratic standards,” noted Rohrabacher.

As he said, current system secures group rights of once “warring parties”.

“Two decades of democratic changes have resulted in a situation where equal representation of individuals seems like a threat to protection of political equality of ethnical groups. We cannot just sit and wait for the European Union to do something. The USA has the responsibility to help Bosnians to find mutual and permanent solution,” concluded Congressman Rohrabacher.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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