What Kind of Activities will be held on the Day of the City of Sarajevo?

Sarajevo has international credibility, and it is a very well-positioned city in our region. This is proved by the fact that there will be many visitors from all over the world on the birthday of the city of Sarajevo, April 6. Trebevic cable car will be opened on that day, after 26 years.

“More than 20 foreign delegations from Europe and the world will attend the official opening ceremony of the Trebevic cable car. This year, Sarajevo will become a real center of the region on April 6. Sarajevo is the center in geographic sense, but we want it to be also the center of culture and other areas,” said Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka.

The exhibition “Uspomene (Memories)” will be opened on April 6, and it will be exhibited in Saraci Street. The concept of the exhibition are photographs of the old cable car whose authors are citizens of BiH.

“This year, we have an exhibition created by citizens of Sarajevo and BiH for the very first time. These are emotional private photos and I believe that it will be very interesting for everyone to take a look at these photos,” stated Skaka.

“We need to create a positive energy in order to restore the old glow to Sarajevo and to make it even more beautiful. Therefore, I would like to invite all citizens of Sarajevo to be good hosts, but also to enjoy the birthday celebration of their city,” said Mayor Skaka.

“The City Hall was opened, and now we are opening Trebevic cable car – the two largest symbols of Sarajevo” he stated.

“We want for many people to enjoy the beauty of Trebevic Mounting with our new cable car,” said Skaka.

“I believe that we will manage to transfer the positive energy of the city of Sarajevo, and we will be the administration that people can trust,” stated Abdulah Skaka.

Tribute will be paid to martyrs, and the solemn session of the City Council will be held as part of the program of the Day of Sarajevo. Moreover, selected individuals will receive the “6th April Award of the City of Sarajevo”.

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