What is the Significance of the Hranjen Tunnel?

The construction of the tunnel “Hranjen” represents a historic project for Gorazde, because the distance will be decreased from the current 95.6 kilometers to 56 kilometers.

After the construction of tunnel Hranjen, and given the quality of the new route, the ride between Sarajevo and Gorazde will last for 45 minutes instead of the hour and a half.


“I believe this project was questionable from the start because it is an extremely difficult section, and now we don’t know if it will be continued, but we expect that tunnel to be completed.”

“I think that a solution will be found, it’s a serious matter for someone to approach in a such relaxed manner.”

“The tunnel is also needed for Sarajevo and Gorazde, as well as people in transition, who go to the sea. Too bad, I’m hoping for apositive outcome. “

The Chamber of Commerce of Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (BPC) knows best what a better road connection between Gorazde and other parts of the country would mean for the economy. They say that it is unjust that Gorazde is both geographically and economically isolated because it is a city whose economy is export-oriented. The return of people to this area and better connectivity are crucial.

“It is very important for this region and the economy to adequately connect and bring it on an equal position with their competitors in Europe and the world,” told Dzevad Terovic, President of the Chamber of Commerce of BPC Gorazde.

Nobody responded to the call of the Mayor of Gorazde. Judge for yourself whether this is one type of answer. True, the absence was justified only by the Prime Minister of the BPC Government. The Mayor explained that the call is still valid.

“Let’s meet and give the citizens of Gorazde and the region an official answer to this topic, since I believe that the construction of the Hranjen tunnel is of strategic importance for the City of Gorazde,” pointed out Ernest Imamovic, Mayor of Gorazde.

And when we will get from Sarajevo to Gorazde by highway in 45 minutes. Those who are responsible do not offer answers. The interest of the citizens is obviously not the priority, and we leave any omissions to the competent authorities to determine. For now, the Prosecutor’s Office of Canton Sarajevo (CS) has formed a case related to the construction of this tunnel, BHRT writes.


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