What is Number of BiH Citizens who went to Slovenia to work?

Every day, hundreds of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are waiting in front of the Embassy of Slovenia in Sarajevo and the consulate in Banja Luka.

According to the Labor and Employment Agency almost 30,000 citizens from BiH received a work permit in Slovenia from 2013 until August 2018. It is assumed that this number is even bigger because people go to Slovenia by “other channels”.

Earlier, BiH has signed employment agreements with several countries, including Slovenia. Only in 2017 and in the first nine months of 2018 some 20,000 people left BiH.

The group “Movement for Departure”, established on Facebook, which will soon become a registered association with the aim of helping BiH citizens to leave the country, has already some 12,000 members.

Professor of Sociology Ivan Sijakovic recently told Radio Free Europe that people are leaving BiH not only for economic problems but also for the constant deepening of national and religious divisions in the country.

“Even today, people cannot solve or organize the society, neither the legal nor the political system, unless it is based on national and religious relations. So, a man is suppressed. In that political sense, he is not a subject. Subjects are national groups, religious, ideological, political and so on. People who do not rely on it or are not involved in it cannot find their place and they have to go further, “says Sijakovic.

(Source: patria news agency)

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