Weather in BiH: 38 °C measured in Mostar, the Sea Temperature in Neum is 25 °C

June 26, 2017 2:30 PM

Weather Forecast mojportal.baThe announced heat wave was felt throughout BiH, and according to the measurements of the Federal Meteorological Institute yesterday at 3:00 PM, the highest temperature was measured in Mostar and it was 38 °C.

Somewhat lower temperatures were recorded in Zenica and Sanski Most (36 °C), while citizens of Banja Luka, Bihac, Bijeljina, Doboj and Grude enjoyed on 35 °C. Temperature measured in Sarajevo was 33 °C and in Bjelasnica 19 °C.

The temperature of the sea in Neum is 25 °C.

However, during the evening came to a gradual increase in cloudiness and thunderstorms in some places, as well as strong wind blows.

For today, meteorologists forecast cloudy weather, especially in the afternoon hours, with the possibility of rain and thunderstorms in most parts of our country, and there will be no rainfall only on the south of our country.

In the central and eastern parts of BiH are possible thunderstorms with strong winds. The rainfall will slowly cease at the end of the day.

Forecasts for the weather on Tuesday and Wednesday are sunny and hot, with possible clouds or some rainfall in the afternoon hours, while Thursday could be slightly more rainy and cloudy, especially in the western part of our country.

Temperatures will be quite high as well, from 16 °C in the morning to 37 °C in the south of BiH.

The biometeorological forecast indicates that sensitive persons could feel some discomfort in the form of headaches, sleeping problems, and mood swings, due to the weather conditions and the increased temperatures. Thus, they are advised to refrain from increased activities and longer stays in the sun.

The values of UV index will be high as well, so it is recommended to conduct protection measures.




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