” We will eliminate politics from education!”

November 30, 2012 4:50 PM

The new Minister of Education, Science and Youth in Canton Sarajevo is Professor Damir Marjanović. The new Minister, proposed to the position of the Minister of Education, Science and Youth by the professor Hanka Vajzović , is not a member of any political party and is determined to eliminate politics from the area of education. The basis for numerous ideas of the Minister Marjanović is the profession and the academic community in close relationship with the economy.

In a press release, professor Marjanović states how his primary goal is to eliminate or to say expel the politics from this Ministry. He also said: ” I know that people will not believe in my goals at first, and they should not, there was too many politics involved in this Ministry already… But we will prove with our acts that politics does not have anything to do with education.”


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  • In my opinion politics should be eliminated from religion and from education. By the establishment and imlementation of some of the particular political ideas in the education system of Bosnia would result in fragmentation of political system, more and more by every year. Of course, the results of the previously mentioned statment in the article remains to be seen…

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