Was Milomir Savcic transferred to Serbia by a Helicopter of the RS Government?

A helicopter owned by the Republika Srpska (RS) government flew from Banja Luka to the Zlatibor area of Serbia on Monday afternoon. Symptomatically, that afternoon, the president of the Veterans’ Organization of the RS, Milomir Savcic, who got detention order in the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)that day, “disappeared” from his residential address.

For three days now, the media have been speculating that Savcic, suspected of genocide in Srebrenica, fled east unless he is hiding in BiH, which is unlikely. Although there is a suspicion from the beginning that he went to neighboring Serbia, such a possibility was denied from that country.

But let’s go back to the option that the government in the BiH entity of RS provided him logistical and moral support – as publicly announced by SNSD leader and BiH Presidency member, Milorad Dodik.

“RS will provide Milomir Savcic with every kind of support and he will not be alone during this fight,” Dodik pointed out, and then spoke about Naser Oric and General Atif Dudakovic, who are free.

“They walk freely, they come to court, and this man should lie in custody. Of course not,” he told.

Such statements can now lead to reasonable suspicion that the RS government has indeed given direct support to Savcic to become inaccessible to BiH institutions.

According to unofficial information, one of the options is that Savcic was transferred to safe territory in Serbia.

In this regard, it was checked what the popular Flightradar flight and helicopter flight tracking application has recorded, which tracks flights in real-time and records their history via transponders and radars around the world.

On Monday, August 9th, at 4:04 p.m., a helicopter of the RSHelicopter Service took off from Banja Luka and headed for Serbia, more precisely Zlatibor. Symptomatically, only four minutes earlier, the Court of BiH ordered custody for Milomir Savcic.

“The order of the court for deprivation of liberty arrived around 4:00 p.m. The court police were at Savcic’s address after 9 p.m.and they could not find him,” it was said by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

According to Flightradar, the helicopter stayed in the area of Zlatibor until Tuesday, August 10th, and then flew to Trebinje, Klix.ba writes.

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