The War in BiH separated Mother from her Baby Twins

babyboomPremature delivery during the war in BiH separated then 30-year-old mother from her twins. And 25 years later, the children are still not with their mother because they have a foster family in Serbia, but they are in touch and visit each other.

Then pregnant woman found herself in Cajnice during the beginning of the war. The horrors of war led her to Gorazde, where she gave birth in the 7th month of pregnancy.

Since babies were premature born they had to be in an incubator, but there was not any in Gorazde. Thus, mother and newborn babies were transported to Uzice, Serbia.

“Some man in a blue suit took me and the babies in the elevator on I do not know which floor. Children went inside and I could not see them until I needed to get out of the hospital,” recalled mother.

She said that a nurse sent her to the bus with the army, and she said that she “will not miss a hair on her head,” and promised to save the babies if she could.

The mother returned to Visegrad, where according to the judgments of the ICTY and the Court of BiH, during the war was committed ethnic cleansing of Bosniaks including murders, imprisonment in concentration camps, torture, harassment and systematic rape.

“I’ve had the numbers of babies, and I found out that they are in Novi Sad, and later in Novi Pazar, where two families took them and adopted them,” she said.

She came in contact with the foster parents over the amateur radio after the war and asked them to return her children to BiH.

They came for the first time in BiH when they were 18 years old, but their mother visited them in the meantime.

Mother has nothing but praise for foster families and she is immensely grateful to them.

Besides raising twins – who are now college-educated and working, their mother says that the foster parents helped her a lot as well, because everything she had was burned during the war.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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