Vučić proposes Joint Day of Remembrance on all the Victims on the Territory of former Yugoslavia

vucicVučić proposes Common Day of Remembrance on all the Victims of the Conflicts on the Territory of former Yugoslavia

At the press conference, Vučić announced that at the meeting on the 27th of August in Vienna, and even before that, he will propose to all leaders whose countries were involved in the conflicts on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, to find a common day of remembrance on all victims from the Western Balkans, that would not be differed by their ethnicity.

According to his words, “everyone could show the same respect for all of the victims and we would all know that there were victims on all sides.”

He appealed for preservation of regional political stability and continuation of reconciliation in the region, as well as honest and substantial conversations regarding the problems in the past, as well as to citizens to turn to the life’s problems such as economic reforms.

“From hatred and digging the old wounds from the past we cannot and we will not be able to live,” said Vučić.


(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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