Vranduk Fortress in Zenica will be getting a Digital Presentation worth 2.5 million BAM

The Museum of the City of Zenica intends to enhance the tourist capacities of the medieval fortress Vranduk by introducing various visual contents, three-dimensional objects combined with modern technology, i.e. audio-visual contents and equipment to support the medieval ambient in the fortress.

All this will happen thanks to the IPA REG project Fortress ReInvented as a partner of the Museum of the City of Sibenik, the municipalities of Klis and Herceg Novi. It is a regional project that connects four fortresses in three countries – Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is worth about 1.3 million Euros (about 2.53 million BAM).

“For the needs of the presentation of the medieval culture, we will produce the album The Medieval Music of the Balkans, performed by the music group Fugato. It is traditional music that originates from the cultural milieu of Dalmatia, Zagorje, Dubrovnik, Bosnia, Boka, Serbia and Macedonia. All compositions originate from the Middle Ages, ranging from the 13th to the 15th century. We will also produce 10 short films that discuss the various aspects of life in the Middle Ages. These are films made with narration options in three languages – Bosnian, English and German. They are discussing the history of the fortress, trade, legislation, religion, weapons / warfare, kitchen, crafts, art / music, clothing, documents (legal nature, trade agreements, etc.).

A doll and medieval armor (of a Bosnian soldier) will also be produced, which fits in well in the ambient of the fortress, as well as medieval clothes – women’s dresses, men’s clothing, four sets.

“In order to complete the offer, we have purchased four bows, four sets of arrows and a photopanel with a print showing the Bosnian knight and court lady. We would also produce other small items, pottery replicas, kitchen utensils, for the needs of the medieval fireplace. For the purpose of audiovisual presentation of targeted content, we will receive computer tablets, on which visitors can receive additional information about the past of the Bosnian state, about the history of the Vrandic fortress with the help of the digital curator,” it was said.

These activities, as well as the equipment that will be acquired, will improve visitors’ awareness, ensure that the medieval ambient in the fortress is more impressive, which supports the theory that learning through a direct experience is far more efficient and more fun, according to the Museum of the City of Zenica.


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