Vozuća liberated 21 Years ago – Turning Point of the Aggression 

vozucaOn September 11, 1995 joined units of the Second and Third Corps of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH) liberated a very stable Chetnik stronghold – Vozuća.

The liberation of Vozuća did not only mean the liberation of a large piece of territory and the connection of these two corps, but it also represented a major turning point in the previous sequence of aggression and combat. Mine fields are mostly cleared now, but the surrounding villages, forests and meadows still call for caution.

Aggression of enemy Chetnik forces on Vozuća began on June 25, 1992, when the Serb paramilitary formations banished the Bosniak people from Vozuća to the surrounding towns, Zavidovići and Banovići. On that occasion, they killed twenty-one civilians, mostly infirm elderly people and children.

Serb paramilitary formations were aware of the importance of Vozuća, so they fought to keep it with all their military elements. They placed mines all around Vozuća, thus making Vozuća the place in BiH where the most mines were placed during the aggression on BiH. Radovan Karadžić once said that Belgrade and Serbia are not being defended in Vozuća, but Moscow and the honor of Russia are.

(Source: nap.ba)

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