Visoko has New Medieval Fortress – Cajangrad

cajangradAfter the archaeological excavations of the medieval fortress Cajangrad near Visoko started two weeks ago, it is already determined that the fort was used to defend the town.

The research project of this medieval fortress was started by Heritage Museum and madrasa “Osman ef. Redzovic” from Visoko, and as stated from the two institutions, if they get resources, the project will be continued in the spring of next year.

Professor Emir Uzunalic said at the press conference that this fortress could be significant for the development of tourism.

“Residents of Visoko are bragging that their city is royal, but we cannot show anything special to tourists when they come here. This is the beginning and I hope that in future we will do more of those projects to preserve history and provide a brighter future,” said Uzunalic.

Leader of the preliminary archeological research, Adisa Lepic, said that there was no research previously done in Cajangrad, and that in the literature is indicated only superficial information. Presumably, he added, that the function of Cajangrad was to inform the medieval royal town of Visoko and Bobovac in case of arrival of enemies.

“We assume that there are more of these forts,” said Lepic, adding that they found only part of the building:

“Only one wall was visible, while digging we came to another wall within it. We found all of that in the probe of two square meters. It is certain that we will find much more interesting things,” said Lepic.

The author of the project Lejla Becar said that the entire team is satisfied with this project and they are optimistic that it will be continued. The plan is for the site to be excavated and studied in five years. Also, she added that the young team of archaeologists from Visoko strive that other sites in the municipality are at least preliminary investigated until they find the funds.


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