Visoko: Beekeeper made an amazing Therapy Chamber for healing

12987974_1156521537732134_284768814_nBeekeeper Osman Hašimović from Visoko will open today the first “api chamber” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will serve for healing respiratory diseases with help of air from beehives.

“Api chambers” are little wooden houses in which the patients sit and inhale the curative air from beehives through tubes. Although it may sound nonsensical, the beekeepers claim otherwise.

Healing characteristics of air from beehives are multiple, and with the help of this therapy it is possible even to treat severe diseases of the respiratory tract. The therapy, beekeepers claim, especially helps in case of treating asthma and bronchitis in children and adults.

Such way of healing was first introduced by Slovenians, and now the same therapy will be available in a small village of Čekrečije, located only two kilometers away from the center of Visoko.

“I hope this will be the place where many ill people will find cure,” said the beekeeper Hašimović. He has been in beekeeping business for a long time now, and for the past several years he is exclusively studying the curative properties of bee products.

“A beehive is a true natural pharmacy and everything coming out of it is a cure, even air,” Hašimović said.

This beekeeper hopes that his “api chamber” will be interested to foreign tourists as well, along with the pyramids in Visoko that they visit.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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