Victims and Witnesses of Genocide to demand a Referendum on Abolition of RS?

Murat Tahirović“All public appearances of international officials in BiH are somehow unfair towards all of us. They have the baton in their hands and they can clearly say what can and cannot be done. Instead, they go to the public and say one thing, while it seems to me that there are totally the opposite agreements ‘under the table’, which are not known to the public,” said the President of the Association of victims and witnesses of genocide Murat Tahirović about the announced referendum in Republika Srpska.

“Dodik openly denies the existence of one nation in the entity under his rule, he denies the genocide in Srebrenica which was acknowledged by international judicial institutions and a large number of international organizations and countries.

However, we are more concerned with the fact that there is still no response from the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH. To remind you, last year we pointed to the fact that Dodik broke the law of FBiH which prescribes a certain penalty for people who publicly deny the genocide. However, we did not get a response from the Prosecutor’s Office. We are really concerned with the wall of silence raised by the judicial institutions in BiH,” said Tahirović, adding:

“Dodik announced the referendum on the Day of RS. Victims of the genocide will soon, most probably during this week, launch an initiative on organization of referendum on the abolition of RS and demand from the institutions of BiH to realize it”.

Tahirović announced that he will soon gather all representatives of victims from BiH and demand from the institutions of BiH to organize a referendum on the level of BiH.

“We want all constituent nations and all citizens of BiH to have the right to vote on the referendum on the abolition of RS. We want people to declare if they want to live in a country whose part is the entity of RS, which emerged on seven aims presented by Radovan Karadžić in May 1992 at the Assembly session, at the same session where Ratko Mladić openly stated that if those aims are realized, that will be a genocide. Apart from that, RS is an entity characterized by international legal institutions as the perpetrator of genocide and as such it prevents the return of persecuted people and belittles the nation who suffered the genocide. I believe there is enough legal and humane arguments to launch the initiative on the referendum on abolition of RS”.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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