Vedran and Valentina are World Champions in Argentine Tango Dance!

Two dancers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vedran Marceta and Valentina Vavra from the Dance Club Aster from Sarajevo became world champions in Argentine tango.

Namely, they won gold at the World Championship held in the vicinity of Warsaw in Poland, where more than 1,000 dancers participated.

Vedran and Valentina won the first place in all four disciplines of Argentine tango, and in the salsa category, they were ranked fourth in the competition of 45 couples.

“Several years ago, Vedran won the title of world champion in salsa with his former partner, so everyone expected from him win again, this time with his new partner, for whom this is the second tournament. This is our first title of the world champion in tango dance and we are proud that we once again demonstrated what kind of dance talent is hidden by our homeland, which unfortunately has not yet shown enough understanding and care for investing in this sport and art, “was stated from the Aster Dance Club for website.

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