Vedad Karic is the fastest Cyclist in BiH at the State Championship

Yesterday, transversal “A” in Sarajevo settlement of Dobrinja was the place of sport competition for state champion. The state championship in road cycling, discipline chronometer, was organized within the regular competition calendar of Cycling Federation of BiH, and in the organization of Giro di Sarajevo.

Thus, our capital city became gathering place of the best cyclists in BiH after several decades.

“I am very proud, both me personally and all of us from Giro, with the fact that we took our activities to such a professional level. Whole road was blocked only for cyclists who had perfect conditions for competition, which is not the case even at the professional races in the world. Everything went in perfect order and we have to thank our hard workers and members of Fourth police administration and the Police Station Dobrinja for that, since they were with us the whole time and provided support in organization,” said Nisad Selimovic, the President of Giro di Sarajevo.

Championship was opened by Mirvad Kuric, the Minister of Culture and Sport of Canton of Sarajevo, who was a special sponsor of the event, and the best part came at the end with proclamation of the best cyclists in all categories and awarding medals. The winner in the strongest category, Elite, was Vedad Karic from Tuzla’s Jedinstvo, and he defended the title of the state champion. Silver medal went to Emir Hulusic from Team Giro, while bronze medal went to Vladimir Trbic from Summit Banja Luka. Medals were presented by Vice-president of the FBiH Milan Dunovic, who was dealing with professional cycling before his political career.

“Karic showed his strength when it comes to Elite category once again, and although his main competitor was our Emir Hulusic, we congratulate him on this great sports success. All competitors showed great dedication to this noble sport, and we are happy that we promoted cycling in the best way through their and our enthusiasm”, added Selimovic.

Husein Selimovic (Zmaj od Bosne) was the best in Junior category, while Savo Milovanovic (Zmaj od Bosne) was the second. When it comes to the younger categories, i.e. pre cadets, the gold medal went to Kenan Mehmedovic (Zmaj od Bosne), silver to Ahmed Karic (Zmaj od Bosne) and bronze to Emin Grebic (BK Tuzla). When it comes to cadets, the best was Osman Coric (Zmaj od Bosne), the second was Enis Subasic (Zmaj od Bosne), while the third place went to Emir Rahimic (BK Mostar).

Masters participated in three categories this year again. Within the eldest, C (50+ years) the victory went to Ernest Ceke (Jedinstvo), the second place went to Jasmin Mujkic (Gracanica), while the third place went to Sead Smajic (BK Trek). In the category Masters B (40+ years) gold medal went to Toni Odak (Siroki), silver medal went to Dragoslav Radovanovic (Zmaj od Bosne), and the bronze medal went to Jasmin Grebic (BK Tuzla). At the end, in Masters A category (30+ years), the gold medal went to Toni Zoric (BK Mostar), the second place went to Miroslav Lakic (Zmaj od Bosne), while the third place went to one of the hosts, Tarik Imamagic (Team Giro).

Giro congratulates to all winners of medals and thanks all drivers of motor vehicles for their patience and usage of alternative roads during the race.


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