Vaillant Donated Equipment, Installation and Services for SOS Children Villages in B&H

vaillant_sosThe contract between company Vaillant and SOS children’s Villages in B&H on donation of equipments and services aiming to install thermal isolation of SOS houses and youth houses was signed today at the SOS children’s village in Sarajevo.

“The value of donations is 13.000 BAM and this is only the beginning of cooperation with the company Vaillant, which has announced its support to children’s villages in the future”, said for Fena Una Medić, Assistant of Communication of SOS children’s villages in B&H.

She states that the mission of this organization is to provide a warm home for every child and the company Vaillant helped us in the thermal isolation of houses in SOS children’s village in Sarajevo and children’s village in Gračanica.

Considering that SOS children’s village in B&H has 29 houses and four youth houses, there is a huge need for maintenance of facilities and equipment.

(Source: Fena)

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